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The Most Powerful Arm Ever Invented
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The Most Powerful Arm

Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy is a genetic disorder primarily affecting boys (every 1 in 3500), in which the muscle tissues slowly degrade. It leads to a loss of movement, immobilization and eventually premature death. Parents of children affected by DMD have organized themselves under the name Save Our Sons and are desperately raising money to bring DMD clinical trials to Australia. Since the Australian government does not yet have a policy on DMD, more attention needed to be brought to the cause. Our aim was to start a petitionthat gets the Australian government to create a policy on DMD and also match the money raised by Save Our Sons, dollar for dollar. Our strategy was three-fold: • First, we wanted to use innovative digital technology to turn signing the petition into an experience worth sharing digitally • Second, we wanted to make it interesting enough for mainstream media to report about it • Third, we knew we needed to add a strong social media component that allowed all supporters to spread the message among their friends.
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