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In Australia, betting has merged with sports broadcasting to become a major part of the action. It’s a loud, crowded arena where bookmakers attempt to wrestle market share away from one another in a mass of parallel comms.

This is a market focused on driving people to love betting, rather than getting them to love sport. However, our research showed that betting customers are actually more passionate about sports than they are about betting. To find growth, we needed to create a passionate betting market beyond over-exploited core Australian sports. By identifying opportunities within developing markets, we crafted a strategy aimed at connecting Australian sports fans to the emerging popularity of the NBA down under. This came to life as the Fanterpreter- a stat-matching algorithm that uses sporting data to match Australians with their perfect NBA team.

We scored some serious points, driving engagement and betting activity on the NBA at an ROI of $16 revenue for every $1 spent on the campaign- comms included. 
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