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Unlocking growth by using mobile to target the right consumer, at the right moment, in the right platform, coupled with the right offers.
By 2025, it is estimated there will be 220 million Chinese tourists traveling abroad (source: Goldman Sachs). Spending growth on VISA, however, was set to slow to only +4% in 2016 (significantly lagging behind its +37% growth in 2015) - due primarily to the dominance of Chinese-owned payment systems like China Union Pay & Alipay.
VISA reversed this downward trajectory by tapping into the power of mobile and location-based travel apps in influencing travellers’ spending behaviour in real time.
By deploying compelling mobile content which were delivered at crucial junctions along Chinese tourists’ travel journey, and seamlessly integrating these with unique merchant offers which travellers can use via the same mobile devices, the brand grew 8x FASTER in travel locations which were part of the campaign, and 4x FASTER overall than all the Chinese payment systems combined.
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