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This is an enormous challenge of POCKY, a Japanese snack brand, against a huge global brand OREO holding 60% share in China. POCKY’s market shares was only 3%. Whereas OREO gained overwhelming supports by families, main consumers of snacks, POCKY targeted digital natives. Applying a completely different way from the traditional approach of OREO, POCKY won new fans, who are the leading consumers of the Chinese market, and got big success in sales growth. 
It was an approach centred by an offline event which precisely captured the insight of the target consumers. Starting from those event participants, the campaign motivated the huge number of people online. In other words, this is an outstanding O2O, Offline-to-Online campaign. In response to Chinese digital natives’ unique self-expression desire to convey their feelings and emotions using digital technologies, we held a real time-selfie- installation by applying face recognition technology and more than 1,300 POCKY packages. We cooperated with “Meipai”, an app. with No. 1 download number on the internet. The social explosion on the internet was huge, influential and very successful.      
 We had totally 350,000 campaign participants, 12 million views of the movie on the 2 main Chinese video service sites, 34000 fans increased on the SNS messenger app We Chat, 93 million page views on the SNS site Weibo, and sales increased 10% compared to the last year. Both fan numbers and sales were enhanced due to the combination of offline event and online diffusion. This was the first O2O campaign originally developed in China for Japanese snack maker Glico, a brand owner of POCKY. (Sources of data: SHANGHAI EZAKI GLICO FOODS CO., LTD.)   
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