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Change The Rhyme: From Insight to Inspiration to Impact
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Hindustan Unilever Limited
In India, Dove has faced challenges in driving its proposition, “Real Beauty”. Our job was to Localize Real Beauty and make the proposition more relatable to Indian women as this was the key to driving consumer association for Dove’s key image metric, “Inspires women to feel good about the way they look”.
Rio Olympics 2016 was the talk of the town; sports being an integral part of India’s popular culture. Pivot, our consumer insights lab, identified huge buzz (> 11 million conversations) around Olympics. It was interesting to note that there were significant mentions on Indian Women Sportspersons.

Further delving into the data revealed that sports had a conflicting relationship with beauty. Women in India and elsewhere in the world are often discouraged from making a career in sports as it is believed to lessen their physical attractiveness/beauty.
The 3rd pop culture peg pointed us in the direction of nursery rhymes and fairy tales that establish beauty ideals/stereotypes at an early and impressionable age. From this discovery emerged our insight—A simple, innocent nursery rhyme can create an enduring stereotype.

Marrying these 3 consumer insights based on audience reactions and behaviour on social, we created video content on You-tube that juxtaposed a rhythmic chanting of the rhyme against spunky visuals of women athletes to drive the delivery of appropriate brand story.
Hence the genesis of Dove #ChangeTheRhyme, a provocative campaign questioning the beauty stereotype by replacing the “Yes” at the end of the rhyme by a fierce “NO”.
This local campaign rooted in data Insight with an Inspiring rendition delivered Impact never seen on any Dove Masterbrand campaign previously and resulted in 400 BPS growth in the brand’s key imagery.
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