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Sharing data delivers 1 mil new subscribers for iflix in < 6 months
In May 2015, iflix aimed to launch Southeast Asia’s leading Internet TV service and become the ‘Netflix of Asia’.  Their goal was to successfully launch the brand 100% programmatically - meaning very little offline or traditional digital advertising.
Their aggressive target was: to acquire 1 million subscribers within six months of launch. This was Southeast Asia’s biggest Subscription Video On Demand (SVOD) service launch of 2015 and iflix was tackling the big challenges of illegal torrenting and piracy in the region head on.
The campaign creative would offer consumers a 30-day free trial.
Staggered launches were executed across Malaysia (July-September 2015), the Philippines (August–October 2015) and Thailand (September-December 2015).
iflix started with zero first party data and zero brand awareness.
They needed to tap into the “social sharing economy” to acquire customers, fast, and gather and activate their first party social data.
Deep analysis into “entertainment lover” behaviour revealed that showbiz content is highly viral, it’s the number 3 segment globally for social sharing (source: social analytics technology partner research) and the majority of this sharing was occurring outside of public social networks. In Southeast Asia 84%-91% of all entertainment sharing happens via “Dark Social” - email/texts/Instant Messages (source: social analytics technology partner research).
The idea was: if people are taking the time to share - movie trailers, celebrity/TV news and reviews - they’re lovers and consumers of entertainment and would therefore be very interested in iflix.
To find “entertainment lovers” unique social analytics software tracked and collected data when people shared entertainment content across all social sharing platforms.
This social analytics data was then used to run real-time media buying activities across all major exchanges.
And the results?...
• iflix acquired 1 million new subscribers in under 6 months (July – December 2015) – well ahead of schedule! 
• Brand awareness also shot up from 0%-25%
• Average cost per new customer acquired reduced dramatically from $25 at the beginning of the campaign to $3 (July – December 2015).
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