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Blood Donation Campaign
Every year, the Singapore Red Cross runs an awareness campaign to find enough blood donors to meet the needs of 5 million people. The fact is that less than 2% of the population donate blood. But with a growing population, this number needs to increase year on year.
To add to the challenge, the supply collected for specific blood types vary greatly, and so does the demand. There is a gap.
Stated objectives are:
1. Promote blood donation to new and existing donors
2. Increase new donor recruitment
3. Activate donation for specific blood types whenever needed
4. Engage the youth as the next generation of donors
Apart from the awareness campaign, a longer-term solution was needed, and digital was identified as the best platform for this:
An always-on platform to reach out to youths and existing donors
A way to empower them to help spread the word when specific blood types are needed
A cost-effective way to activate donors apart from periodical campaign spend
A way to engage the youth and encourage participation
The Red Cross Connection is a mobile app created to fill this gap. Upon download, app users become part of a social network of volunteers, dedicated to 1) donating blood when called upon, and b) using their own network of online friends to help reach new donors for specific blood types whenever it is needed. 
Whenever the Red Cross needs a specific blood type, the app users receive a Blood Alert. an urgent call to find donors with that same type of blood. Each Blood Alert acts like a micro campaign, directing users to their nearest blood centre to donate, or to share – spreading the blood alert to their Facebook friends to reach potential new donors who can help save lives.
With the Red Cross Connection, the blood donation effort now has an always-on, cost efficient and long-term solution to activate the youth and existing donors and help reach new donors whenever needed.
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