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MTV Rock The Vote - the biggest awarded single piece work in the world across many forums – was designed as a social movement to shake one of the world’s largest Gen Y audiences out of political apathy to exercise their right to vote in India’s 2014 general election.
MTV is India’s leading youth brand, within and outside of the TV category. Keeping cool with youth is a tough gig, and MTV needs to remain credible in the face of tough competition from the likes of Channel V and Bindass.  MTV keeps credible by being very vocal about youth issues through content initiatives and several other social movements celebrating youth power. 
The 2014 Indian general election gave us the opportunity to position MTV as the most relevant and influential voice of youth for the whole country.  
So think about this, how would you target 120 million first time voters and persuade them to vote? 
We also faced the reality that (unlike Western youth where all are Digital Natives) in India we have a youth audience that are at significant ends of the digital scale.  For example, 68% of them are using feature phones, and only 1 in 3 smart phone users have a mobile internet connection.  We needed to create a campaign that would span across and engage all youth, no matter how digitally enabled they were. 
Thus a 360 degree multi media campaign was designed that would allow us to reach out to our target audience across the nation & deliver our message of getting the Youth to shun their apathy towards the nation’s development. 
Social Media was identified as the perfect platform to constantly engage with our TG that is online 24x7x365 days of the year. Special partnerships were forged with Twitter that allowed us to launch First of its Kind Initiatives both Globally & Locally to further involve our TG in the Election process & get them to converse with the key stake holders.
Finally, our campaign was to be judged on one KPI alone: how many first time voters came out to vote! The end result - India set a new record for voter turnout. 2014 General Elections saw a turnout of 66.4% across all adults, with an 8.2% increase in the number of first time voters!
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