Small Budget Marketing Campaign

Inspiring Spirit
Saatchi & Saatchi
Realizing the potential of our new fleet 
Scoot is an Asian low cost carrier, known for being fun and spontaneous which we call Scootitude. As it began switching to an all Boeing Dreamliner fleet, offering long-haul travellers a ‘link’ to their Asian destinations became possible. 
However, long-haul travellers haven’t heard of Scoot, and have poor opinions of low cost carriers. 
An opportunity for Scootitude
Then we discovered a North American airline (Spirit) using branding and communication similar to ours. This was our chance at some International fame whilst getting the all-Dreamliner fleet message out.
The aim? Get our story and our CEO across international news channel. 
Sparking a controversy to gain coverage
Usually, we always hear about the East copying the West, to the point where it is so common there’s nothing to shout about. But the West copying the East rarely happens, and when it does, it’s BIG news. 
Issuing a ‘cease and desist’ might generate some news in the US and raise awareness a point or two. But we decided to do something a little bigger by using this ‘infraction’ as a way of generating a controversy... because if there’s one thing that a 24-hour business news cycle loves it’s a fight. 
A little fun can go a long way
We set out to create a controversy in the US – by accusing Spirit Airlines of stealing its identity, communication and attitude from Scoot in the most public ways possible. 
The campaign lasted for 2 weeks and was covered by major TV coverage (CNN, Bloomberg, Channel News Asia). In total over 100 media outlets covered the campaign globally. 
We generated an estimated earned media in excess of US$40m – excluding social media and digital coverage (Source: Agency Research).
Search enquiries for the brand increased 32% during the period of the campaign (Source: Agency Research). 
All this achieved with less than a six-figure budget. 
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