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Convergence of Insight & Technology
Ogilvy & Mather Shanghai
Kimberly Clark China
How does a small brand steal shares from the immutable market leader without succumbing to low price warfare? Category growth has been flat. Pampers is the default “national diaper” and Huggies need to find ways to deliver on its brand promise “Celebrate Baby’s Waking Hours” (as opposed to Pamper’s ”Golden Sleep”). Empathy leads to action. By initiating solution on a social issue, Huggies sets out to make it easy for mothers to spend quality time with her baby out of home. Given that many Chinese mothers are digitised, an APP was developed to allow access to real time help on location that takes away the frustration of not finding diaper changing rooms whenever a mother takes her baby out. For the first time in history, Huggies gain is equally contrasted by Pampers loss in brand growth, market share and unaided awareness. But the biggest breakthrough lies in the impact created. This case is about how Huggies goes beyond selling and deployed smart use of technology to solve a problem for a good cause- maximising the convergence of insights and technology that paid off handsomely.
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