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The Beautiful Truth
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Maxi peel
Thanks to superb innovation in skin care technology, women today see improvements in as fast as 3 days. On the contrary, what Maxi-Peel offers is a 60-day skin renewal process that involves a series of stinging, breakouts and peeling.
This is why Maxi-Peel, the local exfoliant leader, was faced with a challenge of growing the minuscule exfoliation segment in a category dominated by global cleanser brands like Pond’s, Olay and Eskinol, all promising beauty in a heart beat.
How can a product that works slower prove that it is better?
The life insight: “sometimes the most beautiful outcomes come from the most painful experiences” set the stage to position the product function as a necessary process to beautification.
“Beautiful Truth: A Beauty Campaign Unafraid To Show The Ugly Truth” was a DAILY web-series, that showcased product efficacy through real-time product exhibition. For 60 days and 60 nights, a talent used the product and authentically described all the highs and lows of the process. 
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