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I'm not Down
J. Walter Thompson
In the open blue of feminine hygiene, two ocean liner size brands neatly divided the sanitary napkin market and built its category undisturbed for two decades. Culture and consumer mind-set was hushed in embarrassment and it suited everyone to let it remain hidden in the recesses of low involvement. Into these guarded waters came an ambitious little ship wanting to break status quo and win market share. How would this newcomer be allowed in? 
In 2015 with help from the very women we were reaching out to, Sofy gained some serious wind in its sails. Young women are the ones pushing for change in India. We decided to give this positive push a voice. While other brands propagated the same old white pant codes and taboos Sofy did away this. Sofy gave young women a voice that was aage aage (ahead of times). In an unprecedented collaboration between agency, production team and talent - all women – we built a digital campaign that took a question to a conversation and changed the way young women wanted to talk or even think about their periods.

In all fairness it wasn’t a campaign, it was a platform, a thought starter and a voice for women. And with the women at Sofy Present “I’m Not Down
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