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BANDAID - Heal with Love
Shanghai Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceuticals
To hundreds of millions of Chinese mums who buy medicated strips for their families, all brands are the same – they look the same, feel the same, and seem to do more or less the same thing.
It is no wonder that Band-Aid, the 25-year old pioneer brand in China, has lost its dominant position in the market: its share of the category dropped to only 36% in 2013, and declined even further to only 18% by the first half of 2014 (source: IMS).
To revitalize the brand, we had to find a way to more clearly distinguish Band-Aid from the rest of the pack.
Armed with the unique insight that a medicated strip alone cannot stop a child from crying after getting a wound without mum’s loving touch, we changed the way we portrayed Band-Aid – from being just another small piece of medicated adhesive paper, to being a physical canvas on which moms can imprint their healing love.
At the centre of our “Heal with Love” campaign was a digital platform which enabled mums to customize a Band-Aid strip with their own expressions of love. This transformed our strips into a medium for mums to share their healing stories.
This unique portrayal of what a medicated strip is propelled “Band-Aid” to become the top-branded content on Sina Weibo (China’s version of Twitter). Key word search for “Band-Aid邦廸” also increased more than 52-fold.
More importantly, it helped grow Band-Aid sales by 9% - reversing years’ of continuous declines. 
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