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In a market known for a one-size-fits-all approach to messaging, we wanted to prove that no two holidays are the same, and that by speaking to a genuine desire for a unique experience, Shangri-La could fulfill their Brand promise of bringing it's customers' their next moment of Shangri-La.
We identified personalisation as the way to help Shangri-La replicate the in-hotel experience across all digital channels. Through looking at over 3000 digital data points, and 570 CRM attributes, we identified two key groups, Spa Lovers and Weekend Getaways and created a pilot with a control group to test its impact. We implemented unifying data architecture, alongside relevant content and offers based on these personas, to show the power of personalisation.
From emails and banners to the Shangri-La website, the customer journey experience was designed with personalised imagery and messaging across the control, Spa Lovers and Weekend Getaway customer segments. 
To ensure that we could accurately test within segments, a percentage of each audience would view the control email, homepage and display ads.
The results were staggering with booking rates seeing a 54% increase, while revenue per visitor to the website went from USD 0.1 to USD 3.7 as well as driving incremental bookings for people that saw the offer but went on to book another offer with Shangri-La.
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