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The Waterless Project
BBDO Malaysia
Levi Strauss (M) Sdn Bhd
An aging premium jeans label seeking relevance with a new generation of youth consumers; the onslaught of newcomer jean labels; a global brand attempt at driving distinction with sustainability but with meagre budgets to work with in Malaysia, The Levi’s Waterless Project was the simple answer to a myriad of challenges…
By pinpointing the right nerve in sustainability in the context of water conservation during the height of water shortages in Malaysia and leveraging a specific Levi’s product line whose DNA was anchored in water conservation (used 96% less water to produce), we had both a cause and product worth shouting about. Not only that, by challenging people to share the same sustainability values of the product and produce a bill that proved they had saved water compared to their last bill in return for a saving on Levi’s jeans, allowed people to be a part of the conversation whilst driving real footfall and value for Levi’s in Malaysia.
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