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In parenthood planning, women are usually more active but men often think there is not much to do, the difference in attitude frustrated many woman. Wyeth Materna wanted to bring parents-to-be ‘closer'. Our idea “Two thoughts, One Goal” aimed to resonate with husbands and wives, empathizing their deep down feelings and helping them understand each other’s point of view. It started with an interactive micro-film depicting the two voices of a married couple planning for pregnancy we heard from social media. The multi-faceted story unfolds on parallel scenes, and viewers could ‘instantly’ opt for the opposite gender’s perspective on the same video. With keywords tailored to both genders, online searchers landed on a dedicated section on Materna’s website to access professional tips which were also tailor-made for both genders. What’s more, they could share encouragement for playing their part and awarded a “Baby-making” trip! Not only did we catch the attention of HK's local media and popular social influencers, 97% of people surveyed were also willing to recommend Wyeth Materna to their friends. Answering our goal, we helped husband and wife understand each other and provided the professional support to coax Hong Kong’s married couples to start having more babies!
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