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Doi Kham: The Fruits of his Labour
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Doi Kham
Doi Kham, Brand Launch
Thailand was at the peak of an environmental and health disaster. Farms were being ruined and people’s health was being destroyed.
Doi Kham, a relatively unknown Thai juice brand wanted the people of this golden land to fully grasp King Bhumibol Adulyadej’s philosophy of sustainable agriculture, for the well-being of farmers, consumers, shareholders and nation alike.
It asked the people to give its healthy and sustainable products a chance.
So it apologized to the whole country for being different.
Simultaneous public announcements of this apology took the nation by surprise.
·         It successfully penetrated into every demographic, growing either by double or triple digits across a spectrum of target profiles.
·         Its market share increased +22% to no.2 at (24%) in the premium segment, that shrank -1.5% (Tetrapak 2016)
·         It became the undisputed no.1 in the vegetable juice segment, increasing +23% to a (45%) market share (Homescan, Nielsen Consumer Panels, 2016) 
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