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Unilever Foods SEAA 360 Dashboard
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Various Foods Brands (Knorr, Blueband/Planta, Bango, Lady's Choice/Hellmann's, Flora)
At the start of 2014, Unilever Foods SEAA came to us with a problem: the digital measurement in the region was relatively fragmented with more 6 brands across each of the 7 major markets in the region. Each working with local agencies to manage over 5 channels-platforms used by the brands to reach out to and engage with consumers.

Our regional client needed an integrated dashboard solution to:
1) Function as a unified management tool for Digital Performance to keep the markets and their agencies accountable: How does each platform perform at each stage of the Digital Customer Lifecycle? And how effectively are they working together to engage with consumers? How do I properly keep track of and understand the status all my local brand/markets with so many different agencies involved?

2) Act as an optimization tool for digital performance in-market: How can we ensure that we are spending our marketing budgets in the most effective and efficient way possible? 3) Function as a platform to share Digital Best Practices in a more structured way: How can I identify and leverage on good practices from top markets, while learning from the mistakes of bad ones? Hence, leveraging on the ìMetrics that Matterî and our experience with Digital optimization, the Foods SEAA Regional Dashboard was born: integrating performance data from 5 channels (Google Analytics, Facebook, YouTube, Adwords, and Sysomos) for 9 brand-market combinations across the region & over 45 data sources.

The dashboard presented digital performance data in a way that is clear and to the point, and providing actionable best practice recommendations based on channel performance. This started out as a monthly dashboard on Microsoft Powerpoint, where the data was being pulled and inserted manually into the slides.

By the start of 2015, we realised that the Powerpoint dashboard was unsustainable, and given the success of the trial, the dashboard was upgraded to a Digital Platform (along with the addition of more 2 brand-markets, bringing the total number to 11). One that could provide the necessary flexibility and ease of access to the various brand teams across the region. Using the strengths of the Klipfolio platform, the Foods SEAA Regional Dashboard was automated - using the available APIs from the respective channels to pull the data, and then using the platform to transform and present it in an easy to understand manner.

Since its inception, the dashboard has been used to optimize a variety of brand content and campaigns across multiple channels, as well as to enforce digital performance accountability:

1) Comparing and Studying the Effectiveness of various Video Content in their respective markets (e.g., Knorr Flavour of Home ñ Global (Indonesia) vs Thailand Knorr Flavour of Home Video) & allowing markets to learn what works and what does not

2) Finding the most effective ways to use Facebook posts that maximises engagement and visits to other digital assets (e.g., there was a 156% increase in Facebook traffic to the Blueband Indonesia website from Jan to July 2015)

3) Identifying when paid media reaches an inefficient level (e.g., Over-exposure Insight: 74% engagement improvement from 4.2% in April to 7.3% in June 2014 - which coincided with a decrease in Frequency)

4) Providing insights for local markets on how to drive content through behaviour data, allowing them to more easily understand and react to the consumerís needs (e.g., Using Internal Search and Top Recipe Data as a tool to drive new recipe content/videos on multiple platforms)

5) Ensuring that local agencies in the various markets are held accountable digital performance ñ measured in a way that is in line with Unileverís ìMetrics that Matterî The dashboard had also changed the way they worked ñ with the tool being used in their monthly performance updates/reviews and as the starting point in discussions about the latest digital happenings/campaigns being run by the brands around the region.
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