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2016 IBM Data Marketing - Quantitative Evaluation of Client Information Based on Cognitive Computing Technology
Ogilvy Beijing
IBM Response Scoring and Contact 360
IBM (International Business Machines Corporation) is a famous multinational high-technology company. IBM focus its business on cognitive, cloud and big data area. IBM also devote itself on innovation and dedication to clients. In the booming Chinese market, IBM innovated digital channels selling business has become more and more important part of total business.
In every minute, there are 40 visitor will come to IBM China website. IBM can receive over 300 thousands registrations and queries in one year. To handle these queries in time, and improve digital sales’ working efficiency and sales conversion rate, are big challenges to IBM.

To find high value clients from massive and various clients’ requests, prioritize clients’ queries, IBM developed an automated response scoring system. This system uses natural language analytics and cognitive computing technology to build a machine learning logistic regression model. This model analyze account basic information, historical IBM product install status, IBM marketing interaction record, client organization structure and social media behavior, to scoring client into 5 levels. From not ready to buy to high potential to buy. It helps IBM digital sales priorities client needs and handle them efficiently in accordance with the given order. IBM also can provide customized client service based on corresponding nurturing plan.

In addition, aiming at providing customized conversation with enterprise client, and fulfilling suitable client coverage during long-time purchase decision period, IBM co-developed Contact 360 Dashboard with Fudan University which is an integrated dashboard combined IBM internal data (e.g. User information, user needs and feedback, interactive record, potential purchase index, etc.) and the external client data (company information, business scope, public news, industry trend, etc.). This dashboard can reflect dynamic customer portrayal. With the help of the dynamic dashboard, digital sales could quickly grasp client’s needs and have a full picture of individuals and total business, so that digital sales can, match service advice both in client level and personal level. With Response Scoring mechanism and Contact 360 Dashboard, digital sales’ service became more effective Digital sales were well prepared before have conversation with clients, meanwhile 25% working time has been saved than before. Compared with the past, the conversion of online response in 2016 increased from 11% to 13%, and result in revenue grows to $900 million.
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