MSS06. Media Innovation

The Prison Rat That Stole No. 1
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Foxtel Showcase
Wentworth is an Australian TV series set in Wentworth Correctional Facility, a female prison. 
Our objective was to make Wentworth the No. 1 drama on the Foxtel TV network every week of the season.
To make Wentworth No. 1 every week we needed to challenge the traditional approach to promoting TV shows, because Australians simply weren’t watching TV in the traditional way.
More viewers than ever before were bypassing live TV to binge every episode on demand after the season had ended. In contrast, our task was to drive live viewing of a non-reality show every week of the season. 
To make matters worse, when we looked at the social behaviour of Wentworth fan groups we realized that if just one or two fans waited to binge or watch on-demand, it stifled the excitement of the entire group as they waited for them to catch up. 
Our audience were tuning in for the social experience, but this was becoming increasingly difficult to be found.
Somewhat fittingly, however, the show itself was set in a prison, the most isolated environment imaginable, completely cut-off from the outside world. This was the hook we needed.
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