Media Strategy for National Brand Development

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Dads #ShareTheLoad
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Ariel Matic
Sequels are notoriously difficult; be it movies or brand campaigns. They fail when the original premise is rehashed without building the overall narrative.
In 2015, Ariel raised the issue of gender inequality with a provocative question “Is laundry only a woman’s job?” The #ShareTheLoad campaign generated immense positive attention for the brand, growing Ariel Matic’s sales by 62%.
In the 2016 sequel (focus of this case): ‘Dads #ShareTheLoad’ exposed how the burden of housework on women is passed down generations; taking audiences further into the heart of the issue of gender inequality to start solving the problem.
Our media strategy that included provocative content, supported by unexplored media (calendars, childrens’ comic-books and packaging) inspired over 2 million men to share the load of laundry. The campaign smashed all previous engagement norms leading to an 80% increase in sales of Ariel Matic Vs. 2015’s 62%.
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