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How do you reach 100 Million strong ‘difficult to reach’ audience segment in just $1000? And generate revenue of over $ 1Million.

Streaming music on mobile phones is one of the biggest contributors of revenue to Vodafone’s top-line.  This business was especially important in India where revenue streams like Voice and SMS has been stagnating.
Till a decade back, devotional music was one of the largest contributors to Vodafone’s music business.  But in recent times devotional music listenership has been on a freefall - especially in urban India.
Devotional music, today, is followed only by those living in rural India.
Indian rural audience is a very difficult to reach segment. Conventional mass media does not reach them because television is still not a reality in large swathes of the country. This made recruiting new users for devotional music a difficult task. 
In February 2013, Vodafone identified a once in decade property – The Maha Kumbh Mela, a massive gathering of 100 Million Hindu devotees on the banks of the Ganges, to promote devotional music.
Vodafone, at the event, distributed an earmuff that protected the devotees from the chilly weather which also played devotional music to them when they wore it.  A message on the merchandise asked users to subscribe to more devotional music.
A very small budget activity, it not only warmed the ears and souls of the devotees, it increased the calls from target rural markets by 36% - a whopping additional 14 Million calls – and brought in additional revenues of over $1 Million.
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