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Vaseline Live Billboard
Ogilvy & Mather (Phils)
Unilever Philippines
Vaseline suffered from its disjointed brand imagery. It needed to rebrand into a single identity by returning to its roots in skin care, which all began with the Petroleum Jelly. This led to the relaunch of the Petroleum Jelly in the Philippines.
But how can it be an effective and buzzworthy relaunch if Petroleum Jelly is not particularly exciting to our target audience?
Without media budget for TV, we earned our reach through a billboard placement in one of the Philippines' busiest main highways. And we piqued our target audience's interest by using it in the most unconventional way.
Taking inspiration from the traditional skin product demo, we put the Petroleum Jelly to the ultimate test. First, it used leaves to represent the consistency of skin. Then it placed the leaves on a 70-feet tall billboard. Petroleum Jelly was applied on one side of the billboard, while the other was left alone. After 3 days, the difference was visible. The part without Petroleum Jelly wilted. The part with it was preserved and remained vibrant.
Conversations around this ultimate torture test was brought to digital—with millions of people seeing this transformation
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