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Breaker Benches
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In the chocolate category in the Philippines, TV is the main medium in supporting campaigns while digital is increasingly becoming popular. Given the media conventions of the category, KitKat needed to break through the clutter in order take on an interesting marketing challenge: the brand has always been about having a break, but for most people, not all breaks are about having a KitKat. 
How do we effectively convince consumers that for every kind of break people will take, KitKat will be part of it? 
By taking over popular break spots with the brand’s reinvented asset. 
Think outdoor meets activation meets theme park.
Introducing the Breaker Benches. Whatever kind of break you decide to take, there’s a KitKat bench made especially for it.
Interactive and share-worthy benches were installed in places where people needed their breaks the most, in the country’s busiest business districts. The benches featured diverse breaks that people can immerse themselves in like musical benches, a soccer bench, wifi bench, phone-recharging bench and even a seesaw bench. As the campaign rolled out, new benches were introduced to give breakers more reasons to have a break with KitKat. Other channels were used to drive awareness and amplify the Breaker Benches. 
Almost 500 benches were deployed for a fraction of the cost of 1 expensive billboard. People excitedly searched for the benches and shared online using #mybreak and #KitKatbench. Digital amplification and user-generated content garnered more than 6.9 million views and generated over 262 million impressions. 
More importantly, more people took their breaks with KitKat as the brand broke records by growing faster than the category with its double-digit growth of +24% in value and +21% in volume, selling 72.9 million KitKat fingers by the end of 2015. At the height of the campaign, KitKat ranked 3rd nationwide and 1st in Metro Manila, making it the most preferred imported chocolate brand. 
All these gave the people, the category and KitKat their biggest break ever. 
(Source: Nestlé PH data)
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