Marketing Campaign for Regional Brand Development

The Shortlist
Visa Worldwide
Across Asia, cross-border spend accounts for as much as 60% of Visa’s revenue, and is growing thanks to a new generation of travellers with a healthy appetite to travel. These Asian Millennial travellers spend with cash when they travel, and they have little affinity for Visa or understanding of its advantages. 
By developing a new of engaging with this new generation of travellers, Visa set out to substantially increase Visa’s cross-border revenue by winning their travelling hearts, minds and wallets.  We developed a flexible, multi-channel platform called #notatourist to achieve this, a social content and travel-utility approach that celebrated and enabled the aspirations of young travellers from China to Japan to Australia. 

Designed to deliver the right travel experience at the right time, in the right media, Visa’s #notatourist drove affinity among this elusive but lucrative audience, improving key brand perceptions by as much as 26 percentage points. 
The critical measure – intention to purchase – increased in all our key markets by up to 12 percentage points, leading to an increase in the number of Visa cross-border transactions over 16%, outpacing organic growth by 49%.
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