Cat Street View
Hiroshima Prefecture
The number of visitors to Onomichi: Town located at the east of Hiroshima prefecture has stalled recently, despite a continuous increase in the number of visitors to the prefecture for 4 years.
Onomichi wanted to bring the number of visitors up again. And it has to be done within the limited budget. Decrease in visitors was caused because Onomichi is beautiful town but it did not have a thing that differentiates itself from other towns, while Hiroshima prefecture has two world heritage sites. …Actually, there was one thing that differentiates Onomichi from other towns: Street cats. People living in Onomichi had been having an issue with the increase number of street cats.  But instead of seeing this as problem, we turn it to be a new tourist attraction. 

The “Cat Street View”: The Digital map like google street view is the service that introduces Onomichi from the perspective of cats. Users can explore the town as if they become cat. It introduces Onomichi’s charm from cat’s eyes, through a narrow array or sometimes even from under a car. 

After the launch, it was broadcast by 409 media* outlets in Japan and abroad over a period of six months. This would have equated to an advertising cost of more than $8.0million**. As a result, the number of visitors to Onomichi rose 28%*** compared with the previous year.

*&**; PR company counted and estimated (VECTOR)
*** Data from Onomichi ropeway; “The number of tourists in representative spots and facilities” surveyed by Hiroshima prefecture (period ; 2015.9-2015.10)
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