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A Story of how a Bottle Cap brought nature into the lives of kids
Hindustan Unilever Limited
Kissan (farmer) carries heritage associations within the ketchup category in India. For years, the brand has partnered with mothers to ensure that their children are fed delicious yet wholesome food which is loved and not shoved.
However, increasing commoditization within the ketchup category was causing Kissan to lose consideration amongst consumers as better quality ingredients in Kissan necessitated higher than market pricing.
Consumers attribute the quality of ketchup to the quality of tomatoes that make it. Hence, marketing objective was to drive conviction in our product truth - “made from sun ripened real tomatoes” to drive preference for the brand. 
We also knew that it could not be done with mere awareness of the claim but actual experience of it.
Getting consumers to experience real and natural in a concrete world meant that we had to bring the experience to the consumer right where they were.
Welcome to Kissanpur (Farmer’s land) – where what you grow is what you eat. An idea that inspired 20,000 sq ft of real farm (yes a real farm!) to crop up right in the middle of concretized city along with millions of little farms in urban homes via print, digital, product and experiential events.
Kissanpur overwhelmed the consumers so much that it led to Kissan growing at 2.5X the category growth rate and endorsement on “made from sun ripened tomatoes” and “made from quality ingredients” grew by 1600 bps and 300 bps respectively.
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