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Anchor X-Ray Casts
Colenso BBDO
Two thirds of Kiwi kids don’t have enough calcium in their diets. But it’s almost impossible to engage with both them and their parents in a meaningful way, in order to convince them to drink more milk.
But find a way we did! And ironically, it came about through one of childhood’s most painful but memorable moments. A broken bone.
We saw the opportunity that a broken bone created, to stand for more than just schoolyard prowess but as a way to remind both children and parents of the bone strengthening potency of Anchor’s calcium-enriched milk. To do so, we created the X-ray Cast – a cast that proudly displayed the x-ray of the broken bone on the outside, with a barcode that entitled them to free bottles of Anchor Calci+ milk at the supermarket while their bones healed.
We raised awareness of the project by turning the injured child’s arm into a new media channel. To get our casts in front of parents at the point where their children will need it most, we partnered with emergency rooms and used our social channels to share this initiative with parents and children alike, connecting with them directly at a time in their lives where the value of strong bones is most important. 
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