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Ambi Pur sells close to a million extra products by helping Muslims fast during Ramadan
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In the evenings during Ramadan, Muslims fill their homes with delicious aromas inviting close friends and relatives to enjoy praying and eating together. At the end of the night any leftovers are put out of temptation’s way so that daylight fasting can be observed. Unfortunately some of the tantalizing smells still linger in the home, making fasting harder.
Ambi Pur recognised the problem and came to the rescue. Consequently Ambi Pur air fresheners now play a key role in helping Muslims observe Ramadan. They freshen the air in family homes and stop tempting food smells from hanging around during the day.
To explain to the Muslim community how Ambi Pur could help during Ramadan they created a fictional cartoon family, the Mamat family.
The Mamat Family advert was aired on Jom Berbuka (Let’s Break Fast), a ratings hotspot that many tune into before breaking fast.
Muslims quickly saw how Ambi Pur could make fasting during Ramadan easier and sales of the air-fresheners skyrocketed. Close to a million additional products sold during the campaign, resulting in a 27% increase month-on-month, exceeding the target by 16%
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