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Dads #ShareTheLoad
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Ariel Matic
Sequels are notoriously difficult; be it movies or brand campaigns. They fail when the original premise is rehashed without building the overall narrative.
In 2015, Ariel brought the issue of gender inequality into public consciousness with a provocative question “Is laundry only a woman’s job?” The #ShareTheLoad campaign generated immense positive attention for the brand, growing Ariel Matic’s sales by 62%.
In the 2016 sequel (the focus of this case): ‘Dads #ShareTheLoad’ exposed how the burden of housework on women is passed down generations; taking audiences further into the heart of the issue of gender inequality to start solving the problem.
Provocative content, supported by unexplored media (calendars, childrens’ comic-books and packaging) inspired over 2 million men to share the load of laundry. The campaign smashed all previous engagement norms leading to an 80% increase in sales of Ariel Matic Vs. 2015’s 62%.
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