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IKEA Catalogue Launch - 'Results by Design'
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IKEA Catalogue Launch 2014
Printed more times than The Bible, with 212 million copies in 29 languages, the annual IKEA catalogue sets the tone for success in IKEA’s new financial year. It’s the first launch point for new products and sets the scene for upcoming product communications.
However, people were no longer opening their catalogues. Recall had steadily declined hitting a record low in 2013.
Our challenge: encourage consumers to engage with an old-school medium in a digital world.
In leveraging digital and mobile technologies to re-invigorate the letterbox, we took a dual approach:
1) Deliver engaging content prior to the Catalogue Drop to create hype, anticipation…and if we could, even a little intrigue!
2) Follow up with reminder messaging via mobile using sophisticated targeting, alerting consumers of the catalogues arrival.
First, we developed a content series around Kiss 106.5’s cheeky talent, Rosso (a famous Australian comedian), featuring a beanbag chair he “designed” called the ROSSÖ. The content revolved around his mission to have it included in the FY15 IKEA catalogue.
Amidst the chaos that ROSSÖ was stirring up, our walkers were busy distributing catalogues; meanwhile we were accessing catalogue distributor data…in real-time!
Working with a mobile provider and the catalogue distributer, we mobile-targeted advertising the second the IKEA catalogue dropped in a distribution area ensuring people would look out for it.
The results…
•Increase of 29% in footfall through stores
•30% lift in unaided recall of catalogue
•Engagement with the mobile ad demonstrated users were 40x more likely to visit the store
And we delivered IKEA’s best ever sales in its Australian history!
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