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M&M's - Voting Colors for Fun
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Taiwanese people barely resonate M&M's brand DNA with being colorfully fun because they associate colors to the different political standpoints strongly in Taiwan. Thus, expressing color preferences has been a sensitive and stressful topic among Taiwanese.
We decided to leverage this very Taiwanese insight and launch a “Voting Colors for Fun” campaign right behind Taiwan’s presidential election in 2016 in which five M&M’s characters used their charms to gain attention and votes. The aim was to make choosing colors a fun, entertaining and worriless action in the hearts of Taiwanese people, and to further reinforce the emotional bond between Taiwanese and M&M’s brand DNA. 
Despite limited budget, the campaign struck a chord in both business and communication performance. It increased sales by 79% vs. previous year. The Facebook ad posts had a reach of 660,000, 3,478 times more than the KPI of 19,000 (Source: Mars Taiwan). 
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