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Kissan - Little Farmers of Kissanpur
Lowe Lintas + Partners, India
Hindustan Unilever Limited
The USD 160 million (Source: HUL CMI data) Ketchup market has its own unique challenge in India. An uninvolved category with slow growth, low differentiation, unchanging penetration and threat from discounted and private labels. After all what’s so new about Ketchup? A ketchup is a ketchup is a ketchup. Coupled with the fact that every Indian kitchen has a wide array of chutneys and pickles which are perceived to be healthier than Ketchup as the latter is perceived to be an artificially preserved and coloured that can only be detrimental to the overall freshness and nutrition value of the food. This had caused a huge perception barrier in driving ketchup consumption – a result of which better quality, premium brands were beginning to get considered on par with lower quality discount players.
The challenge was how we brand our tomatoes differently and create emotional relevance for ‘100% real tomatoes’ amongst consumers who believed their ketchup was just as good. To create impact amongst ketchup users, we had to ladder our functional proposition of 100% real tomatoes into a more compelling emotional promise. While the usual route to the heart is through the stomach, we had to find a way to enter the stomach through the heart!  
We realized that there were many other things that were becoming artificial for modern families today – interactions, conversations, together time etc. While everyone lived together in the same house, they were not actually together. In between stood technology. Kids spent much of their free time with screens and gadgets. Not just kids, parents too were beginning to believe that technology was their best mate. A family today has become the family members and their gadgets. So instead of fighting artificial tomatoes, we decided to fight artificial togetherness. Our big idea was – Real tomatoes can make for real connectivity.
We engagements and activities broke only weekends so that families could spend quality time together and give their gadgets some rest. We distributed innovative seed paper embedded with tomato seeds through a leading financial daily. Created 20,000 sq.ft. of farmland experience to connect kids to nature at popular family hangouts. And communicated our message of discovering in nature the joy of togetherness based on real life insight through a film.
The campaign resulted in –
1. Brand scores going up. While ‘made from quality ingredient’ went up by 3%, ‘made from sun ripened tomatoes’ went up by 16%
2. While market grew at 8%, Kissan grew at 21.4%
3. And for the first time ever in September 2014, Kissan toppled Maggi to become the market leader
(Source: HUL CMI data)
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