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The Lambnesia Epidemic
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Lamb is officially Australia’s favourite meat and thanks to our previous campaigns it is the meat of choice for Australian’s on Australia Day. On Australia Day we not only have permission to wear our flag on our chest, we positively revel in it. 2012 had been our best ever year, and we were tasked with making 2013 ‘better’.
Sam Kekovich is Lamb’s infamous ambassador.  He has become an icon for telling Aussies, “Don’t be un-Australian, eat Lamb on Australia Day”. However, after eight years we needed a fresh approach that would turn people’s expectations on their head, we needed to force him to play on everyone’s worst fears- the fear of being un-Australian…
…we created the Lambnesia Epidemic, a disease that allows un-Australian thoughts to enter one’s brain.
Media created the entire Lambnesia Epidemic and the paranoia surrounding it- the strategy was to replicate the structure of a viral outbreak across TV, OOH, radio, social media, display and a branded TV program.
The campaign resulted in a whopping 13.4% increase on 2012 Lamb sales, up a massive 48% against weekly average sales, driving $42m of sales revenue (MLA Retail Data).
Put simply, the Lambnesia Epidemic drove Lamb’s strongest results ever.

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