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Australian Football League (AFL/footy) is the heartland game of Australia. Unique to the country, it is the most watched of all the ball codes with close to 7 million  people attending matches throughout the 2015 season, culminating in a TV audience of 2.64 million  for the Grand Final match alone, making it the most viewed broadcast on television.
National Australia Bank (NAB), one of the four largest banks in Australia, has enjoyed a partnership with the AFL for over a decade, supporting footy from the grass roots to the elite level.

In 2015 NAB created Fanshake, a campaign that tapped into footy fans culture, challenged their behaviours and got them to commit to doing something good for the game, but something many would find personally challenging.
Fanshake incited a new level of rivalry between fans throughout the season. Asking fans to focus their passion and set tasks/pledges to complete if their team lost – it was basically a community-based sportsman’s agreement. The pledges were about things that would help people enjoy and support footy in their local community – essentially encouraging avid fans to give something back.

Fanshake helped drive markedly positive associations with the NAB brand and significantly enhanced hard to shift brand metrics such as sensing (+ 8 points), participation (+ 16 points) and integrity (+ 7 points) with both customers and non-customers. 

It also reached a total of 23.2 million people through PR across channels including online, print, television and radio. Most significantly the campaign strengthened brand retention and opened up acquisition opportunities by increasing consideration with existing customers by 16% and even harder to influence non-customers by 12%.
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