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Versant 2100 Color Press
To launch the Fuji Xerox Versant 2100 digital printer in a ground-breaking way, we produced an immersive marketing experience that culminated in a runway event showcasing garments printed solely on the new device. At the end of the 3-month launch phase, we have delivered an ROI above our client’s objective.
In August 2014, Fuji Xerox was ready to launch its all-new mid-range digital printing press, the Versant 2100. This new machine was a complete redesign both inside and out, and featured an impressive range of new features and stock handling capabilities. 
To launch this new product, we created an immersive direct marketing experience that could demonstrate its cutting edge technology like never before. It took the print category out of the drab, functional office product environment and transformed it into the glamorous world of high fashion.
The Haus of Versant campaign was so engaging that sales of the 2100 in New Zealand out-performed every other product launch in the Asia Pacific Region. 
This innovative fashion-themed campaign was so impactful Fuji Xerox’s Head Office in New York took notice and arranged for elements to be shipped and displayed in their foyer. Both Fuji Xerox Hong Kong and Singapore were also so impressed that they tailored the creative elements for their local audience.
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