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The Priceless Engine - New Year's Eve Campaign
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With over 14 billion transactions across Asia Pacific every year, made with 656 million cards, MasterCard is considered the second largest credit card brand after Visa. Visa outspends MasterCard 4 to 1 in marketing across Asia Pacific (source: MasterCard advisors data).
Asia Pacific is the largest e-commerce region in the world. On top of that, nowhere in the world does e-commerce grow as fast as in Asia Pacific. For Credit Card brands, e-commerce in this region is the biggest growth opportunity (source: eMarketer research).
MasterCard doesn’t have their own e-commerce channels, so it is crucial to partner with the right merchants to drive e-commerce revenue.
All financial services businesses push merchant offers and content to consumers through banner ads, Google Adwords, social media, popups, and other digital marketing tactics. This approach quickly became spam without relevance.
To cut through the clutter in this region, MasterCard launched The Priceless Engine: an innovative marketing platform to turn big data into usable data in order to provide its partners with deep insights, allowing them to stand out and deliver the right offers and messages to the right people at the right time.
The Priceless Engine was put to work to power MasterCard’s ‘New Year’s Eve’ campaign, featuring Hugh Jackman, across the Asia Pacific region (Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Singapore). His involvement created an emotional spark with consumers and allowed MasterCard to mine valuable data and insights by encouraging them to share who they would want to spend their New Year’s Eve with and why. 
The aim of the campaign was to create an emotional spark with consumers in order to start a dialogue with them. The things they then told us were turned into valuable and relevant insights to push the right content and offers to them. Ultimately the goal was to increase click-throughs to merchant partner e-commerce websites and drive e-commerce transactions.
The results of this campaign were unlike MasterCard has ever seen. The campaign drove over 100% higher engagement rates in every market, compared to any previous MasterCard campaign.
Next to that, the hyper targeted and relevant offers that we shared during the campaign, drove over 3 million qualified leads to the e-commerce websites of our merchant partners in 6 weeks.
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