EFS05. Small Budget Marketing Campaign

The Lens to Her World
UM Hong Kong
Johnson & Johnson
Acuvue Define
The beauty contact lens market is very competitive. Brands like B&L, Freshkon and Naturali constantly launch new products with different colours and various patterns at competitive prices. Even on ad spending, we spent 25% to 60% less than B&L in 2016 and 2017, who had multi-media mix. Facing severe competitor penetration, Acuvue Define had to secure its position. Acuvue Define is popular amongst females aged 25-34 (account for 50% of existing users), however, it was not appealing to young females aged 18-24.
The launch of new Radiant Sweet was seen as an opportunity to recruit young new contact lens users. Radiant Sweet was the FIRST contact lens designed to create a tear-filled effect in the market.
To stand out from the crowd, our strategy was to amplify Radiant Sweet’s benefit across all the moments young women needed to make a good impression. So we structured and built a precision framework we would activate our advertising against. We customized our creative messaging to build high relevancy while they consume content. We utilise our customer insights and Vogon technology to target them with personalised creative.
Facing competition from non-bespoke fitting channel (e.g. online platform) and key competitor such as B&L who were investing aggressively on both online and offline marketing. For instance, in 2016 B&L’s marketing total spend was 250% more and in 2017 it was around 130% more than Acuvue. Maintaining Acuvue’s position as a market leader was extremely challenging. We had to defend the position against Japanese and Korean brands and some other competitors whilst attracting the new wearers amongst small number of users (85k). However, the Radiant Sweet gained 10.4% market share after 3 months of launch whilst B&L who had been in the market for 6 years, only had 4% market share. In December 2017, Acuvue Define reached 61% market share, up by 4% SOM Sep- Dec YOY. By the end of campaign (December YOY 2017 versus 2016) Acuvue revenue growth outperformed the industry average by 11%. 
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