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Biti's Reinventing the story of Vietnamese origin legend
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Children worldwide gain pride in their nations by learning and treasuring the cultural values embedded in local folklores.  However, for the last 10 years, Vietnamese children have been significantly losing interest in Vietnamese old tales. Their fascination is captured by foreign contents from Disney and Marvel, rendering cultural folklore obsolette and ultimately making Vietnamese children lose attachment to their country.  
Meanwhile, Biti’s - the Vietnam no.1 footwear brand since 1982 and also regarded as one of the most popular national brands - desires to increase the brand power & brand love among the nation and the people, and step closer to becoming an iconic brand standing for and supporting the important culture values for the Vietnamese people. 
Consequently, Biti’s has seen such folklore tension & found it brand-fit. Coincidentally 15 years ago, Biti’s once did a legendary TVC telling the story of the Vietnamese ancestors’ footsteps to build the country, starting from the very famous founding folklore story – CON RONG CHAU TIEN (The Sons of The Fairy and The Dragon, Vietnamese Origin Legend), which is strongly recalled by 25-40 years-old parents nowadays (who are also the key target consumers of the brand). And then, the brand started with this special story to revitalize the love of folklore among Vietnamese kids nationwide. 
The CON RONG CHAU TIEN campaign successfully delivered a very challenging job, reigniting the national love for folklore & bringing the brand to the next level of being beloved by the people and the media across the country. That is thanks to a daring move: REINVENTING the very first story in folklore library ‘CON RONG CHAU TIEN, telling it in a lively and exciting animation video with approximately 10.000-hour whole-hearted craftsmanship from 100 local artists.
The campaign witnessed an outstanding business growth: 60% incremental traffic to stores, 36% incremental value sales (4 times vs. category growth) with estimated 36 million USD earned media values by huge media talking and supporting the campaign, with only $230,000 budget.
The campaign ignited the trend of promoting folklores among the country. Afterwards, people saw a wave of using folklore stories as materials for schooling sessions, films remake, cartoons, parenting methods... 
Undoubtedly Biti’s has reinforced the market leadership, the brand love & brand power as the Vietnamese iconic footwear brand standing for Vietnam iconic culture values.
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