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ADK Taiwan
7-ELEVEN Taiwan has been fundraising for many charity groups for years, however, the donation has not been significantly increased in recent years.
So 7-ELEVEN wants to find an innovative way to draw peoples’ attention when they walk into the store, also through its great advantage with owning 5000 stores across Taiwan to increase consumer’s intention to donate and get more donation.
So we start thinking, how to create an unique experience for 7-ELEVEN’s CSR program to attract people?
We found a strong reason to believe – convenience store is the easiest place for loose change to happen. And 7-ELEVEN stands in great advantage with owning the most store locations all over Taiwan.
We would like to utilize this to do our bit for charity group, figuring out a simple way to turn change into donations.
We put a notion forth - “we believe by showing appreciation to those who contribute, encourages more good will.”
And develop the idea: “Every coin donated with love deserves a loving encouragement.”
Hence, we created the “Rhythm of Love Wall” donation box.
In order to show our gratitude to donators, we worked very hard to develop every pair of hands. The models of the hand are carefully designed and fabricated in order to create a realistic and natural clapping sound without any additional sound amplification. It allows the wall to perform more than 200,000 continuous clapping.
In order to effectively reach our TA during the given time and engage more people in it, we choose various channels to implement the campaign. A series of teaser films launched before the official event to look for the best "encouraging applause", triggered people’s curiosity and discussion for “Applause”. Then the unprecedented donation box, “Rhythm of Love Wall” & official film released. At the same time, we started the mobile website where people can create their own clapping online. The user-generated content will be instantly transmitted back to the physical installation, then can be heard in the store. People can also make a donation online. To continue the impact of the interactive installation to the public, we organized the second event, collaborated with 12 celebrities, extending the buzz on social media again. In addition, the Rhythm of Love Wall toured around various key cities, across 70 stores in Taiwan, successfully created a donation boom in every 7-ELEVEN store.
With only 14 days, over 86,500 people experienced the Rhythm of Love Wall. The visitors of 7-ELEVEN increase by 37%, numerous media reported proactively. The media impression is over 9,680,000. Overall donation raised up 200%, hitting a record-breaking high.
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