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6 Pack Band - Happiness that truly went Viral: Powered by the PIVOT
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Hindustan Unilever Limited
Brooke Bond Red Label
Brooke Bond Red Label (BBRL) tea in India is positioned as a brand that advocates breaking social barriers over a cup of tea via its communication line, ‘The Taste of Togetherness (SwadApnepanKa) ’.
The transgender community in India has been subject to years of oppression and ridicule by society. Finally their voice was heard and they were given legal recognition as the 3rd gender by the Supreme Court of India.
The topic was trending but with hostile sentiments towards this community.
This social barrier had to be broken.
We identified this as the perfect space for BBRL to play in leveraging the platform of music – popular culture in India.
As a result, India’s first transgender band, BBRL 6 Pack Band (6PB) was born.
An uncharted territory, BBRL was apprehensive; more because its target audience is the small-town Indian housewife who is extremely conservative – The Geeta from Gorakhpur.
Traditional market research results on consumer perception would take months to come.

PIVOT: The Consumer Insights Lab

At this juncture, PIVOT (agency’s consumer insights lab) was leveraged to guide BBRL navigate the 6PB journey with an adaptive data-led strategy.
Data at the Core of Conception, Execution and Course Correction, the strategy was to marry fast-moving consumer data with slow-moving data for timely insights that would empower BBRL take “INTELLIGENT” marketing decisions with AGILITY and drive the delivery of appropriate brand story.
Today, 6PB not only stands tall as one of the most loved and awarded campaigns but it also impacted BBRL’s key differentiating brand imageries significantly.
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