Data Mining - Audience Association and Clustering Analysis

The Tiger Takes Flight
Tigerair Mandala
Direct Response Product

Years ago, travelling was a luxury associated with the wealthy few. Now, with the digitisation of the travelling sector feeding information to budding revellers at the click of a button, travelling has become a more affordable reality for many.
For Tigerair Mandala – a low-cost airline headquartered in Jakarta and an associated company of the Singapore-based Tigerair Group, their challenge is creating and sustaining growth (9% YoY in 2013). They needed a partner who understood these challenges and help them connect with new and reinvigorate existing customers.
In July 2013, we revamped Tigerair’s display advertising campaign with our audience planning technology. Unlike their traditional media plans, which historically focused on context, our campaign really got under the skin of this brief by answering one fundamental question: Who are Tigerair’s audience?  
We used the following 5-steps executional techniques to identify audience.
Step 1: Refining multiple data variables through factor analysis
Step 2: Creating bespoke Tigerair audience clusters
Step 3: Developing clusters into audience tiers to target
Step 4: On-going testing to extract actionable audience insights
Step 5: Real-time optimisation
The results? Tigerair’s ROI grew by 218% from July 2013 to October 2013. The cost-per-ticket sale online decreased by 30% during the same period. The creation of audience tiers delivered 23% incremental reach per dollar spend and 19% more site revisit traffic as compared to pre-launch. 
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