Data Mining - Audience Association and Clustering Analysis

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Generation ME ME ME
MRM//McCann Manila
NESCAFE Creamy White
Growth from the "wild ones"
When NESCAFE Creamy White launched via heavy above-the-line advertising in 2014, it gained market share but hit a growth plateau entering 2015. The greatest potential was in winning over the youth, who still maintained their coffee variant promiscuity.

How can NESCAFE Creamy White get the youth to be on its side?

A Starting Point: Insights from the "Me, Me, Me" Generation
For the youth to finally notice NESCAFE Creamy White, the brand needed to change the way it talked to them. The youth want to be more recognized and involved. They crave to be heard and be able to say what they want to say. In all products, activities and communications brands churn out, their question is always, "Where is me in this?"   The Answer: It Wasnít About NESCAFE Creamy White, It was About the Youth.  

All NESCAFE advertising in previous years were in broadcast format. To get the youth on its side, for the first time in NESCAFE Philippines history, NESCAFE Creamy White used online data to listen to them, understand them, and have ongoing conversation with them.

Data put the "Me" in everything NESCAFE Creamy White Did for the Youth
It was impossible to engage each individual in social media, but here is where data helped NESCAFE Creamy White. Using a unique methodology of Online Tribe Taxonomy, key youth segments were identified, segmented and communicated with in an effective and efficient manner.

The technique used data from social listening and search to recognise up and coming groups online. These groups were then developed into Tribe Models - community clusters with a shared passion and a distinct behavior. These models, combined with ongoing validation via media targeting, allowed NESCAFE Creamy White to understand what the tribes were really about beyond misconceptions, and give them the recognition they needed.

The Online Tribe Taxonomy helped NESCAFE Creamy White connect with youth tribes:
  1. Empower usually-ignored adolescent teens to influence how a popular love story would turn out via an Interactive Telenovela on Twitter.
  2. Allow stereotyped college students of various Universities to express themselves via various hashtags.
  3. Inspire looked-down upon BPO employees/call center agents voice out how proud they are of their career.

Results: Massive growth from making the campaign all for them, and all about them
After the year-long program, by understanding the youth and taking the effort to engage them one tribe at a time, NESCAFE Creamy White became their clear choice.
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