Data Mining - Audience Association and Clustering Analysis

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Putting the Star in StarHub
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The telecommunication industry in Singapore is incredibly saturated, resulting in a high level of competitiveness across the three major telcos. As a result, the pricing of products and services offered has become similar across the board, with no discerning differentiation between the three.
We had to find a way to distinguish StarHub from its competitors, a way to help them reach out and engage with new users effectively, and reinforce brand affinity amongst existing ones. 
We managed to tap into this niche market effectively through the use of our proprietary Data Management Platform. Firstly, we used it for pre-planning to find relevant interest segments, which would help us target the right users. During the campaign, we focused on collecting cookies to build lookalike models of ‘converters’ to improve campaign performance. This saw a significant shift away from the less-targeted Prospecting strategy and towards more highly-targeted Interest & Look-alike audience segments which resulted in a lower Cost per Acquisition (CPA).
The results? Look-alike modeling had increased conversions by 76%, and saw the CPA decrease by 46%. We were able to enhance the targeting to identify and reach relevant audiences.
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