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Growing hair and sales with customer intelligence
ANGFA Co., Ltd.
ANGFA Sclup D, Anti-thinning shampoo and ANGFA's other hair care products, Retension marketing
ANGFA is a pioneer company, developed a new anti-thinning market by introducing the idea of “scalp care shampoo (to improve scalp condition)” in Japan. Their sales grew rapidly due to their effective use of advertisement, using of comedians and celebrities in TVCs with huge media exposure in addition to the uniqueness of their products.

However, their market position started to weaken in 2012 when hard competition began. Mass advertisement/TVCs and online promotions became less effective and efficient neither, causing stagnant sales. To break through this situation, we made effort to understand the needs of the existing customers and perform their in-depth analysis. As a result, we identified insights of the existing users’ “strong desire for medical evidence or clinic data, by reflecting their sense of anxiety toward to anti-thinning category in general.
Based on this insights, ANGFA clarified their position as “ANGFA for preventive medicine” and start to focus on retention marketing for existing customer.
To achieve this banding and marketing objective, we published “original customer magazines” which associated ANGFA with medical background/treatments. The magazines featured the product development process, developers/doctors, and medical/clinic data.
Also, we kept learnings from the response to the customer magazine and attached collaterals, we evolved contents of magazine and customer segmentation strategy.

These activities contributed to sales by creating Lifetime value of consumer.
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