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SingTel's Hawker Heroes
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Singapore Telecommunications

SingTel was losing touch with Singaporeans, and the key measure of brand and business health – Brand Consideration – was falling dramatically. To reconnect with the country’s citizens, we had to identify a passion that all Singaporeans could rally behind, around which SingTel could create a positive national conversation through digital and social media. That passion was Singaporean Hawker Food, a street food culture that was under threat from the forces of modernisation and globalisation. With SingTel we created a campaign of digital branded content, experiences and conversations, with which Singaporeans could engage and demonstrate their pride and passion for Hawker Food. We created Hawker Heroes, a platform whereby Singaporeans could vote for their favourite Hawker stall owner through a variety of digital, mobile and interactive media. We then challenged the world famous chef Gordon Ramsay to come to Singapore to see if he could cook these dishes better than our local Hawkers. The digital and social conversation ignited the passions of Singaporeans. Record numbers of people participated in the campaign, increasing Brand Consideration by 48%. The government entered SingTel Hawker Heroes into the official National archive to commemorate “an event of national and cultural significance”.
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