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The final qualifier for the World Cup – a must-win to earn a World Cup berth. As an official sponsor and supplier, adidas Japan wanted to turn the event into an opportunity to make a connection with its audience using the unifying theme of football.

The objective was to create an event that Unites and Engages football fans throughout Japan in support of their national team. During football matches, they rely on their ever-present smartphones to stay connected with each other.

The strategy was to generate dynamic connections among football fans in support of their team. Our solution was an interactive projection 200 meters above the ground in Tokyo on the day of a crucial game for the national team. Fans could use their smartphones to virtually ‘throw in’ a soccer ball towards the projection – a massive video of Japan star forward Shinji Kagawa, projected on the wall of a high-rise building. Kagawa received the ball and made a shot on goal.
The experience created social media buzz. The event caught the attention of media. The campaign was featured in many TV programs together with game results, exciting fans the next day and earning media exposure totaling some USD $100 million.
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