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Snap Counsellors
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Teen Helpline Service on Snapchat
Domestic Violence is one of the most reported crimes in India*. According to BBC, an incident of domestic violence is reported about once every five minutes in India. With rising awareness of this issue, the Indian government passed the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act in 2005. Alongside, there are various NGO counselling helplines who function round-the-clock to ensure that married women in need can be protected. Amidst all this, what has not got attention and has been under the radar for cultural reasons is the issue of ‘teen relationship abuse’. In fact even in these times the very idea of ‘dating’ isn’t even openly accepted and acknowledged by the culturally conservative last generation parents. Whereas the ‘millennial India’ is almost at par with the first world in mind-set thanks to rising education levels, exposure to western popular culture and access to fast dating apps is experimenting with pre marital relationships. And this societal chasm makes this underground issue of ‘teen relationship abuse’ even more serious as the relationship itself does not have societal legitimacy. This is when Love Doctor – a platform for sex and relationship advice decided to address this issue by cracking open a first of its kind innovation on Snapchat in the form of ‘helpline’ called Snap Counsellors. The idea leverages the auto decaying nature of Snapchat to micro counsel teens in a way that’s private and confidential.

The idea rides at the back of the unprecedented rise of Snapchat amongst teens globally and has gained enough foothold and trust to become their default way to social.
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