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How the world met Graham
Clemenger BBDO
Transport Accident Commission (TAC) Victoria
Road Safety Awareness
The Transport Accident Commission of Victoria, Australia wanted to start a conversation about our physical vulnerability to road trauma. Problem is, Victorians don’t want to talk about it.
We provoked them with ‘Graham’, a lifelike sculpture that shows how the human body would have to change to survive a car crash. As a meeting point of art, science and road safety, ‘Graham’ became a tool to learn about our physical vulnerabilities through an in-depth online experience.
‘Graham’ was an overnight success with his iconic form seen on news and diverse publishers across the world; helping prompt a global conversation about our vulnerability. He was viewed 33 million times and visited online by over 1.9million people from 186 countries, where users learnt in great detail about how the human body experiences trauma in a car crash.
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