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Make Love Not Scars
Make Love Not Scars
Most effectiveness cases work towards improving businesses. Here’s one that’s working to put something out of business. Open sale of acid. The real problem was that business was very good. 
Make Love Not Scars (MLNS), an NGO dedicated to providing recovery and rehabilitation to acid attack victims had a goal – To prevent acid attacks from happening in the first place. The key was to deny free access to acid. The task was to put ‘acid’ out of business. 
The way to achieve that was to create a groundswell of people who would file a petition in the Supreme Court requesting an ‘end to acid sale’. 

We had absolute zero budgets. It meant no television commercials, no celebrities, no activation, no event or paid PR coverage. 

The ‘internet’ was our only option. 

Given that 90% of acid attack victims were women (source: client data), we knew they would be the most empathetic to our cause and might even evangelise it. We decided to reach out to ‘women online’. 

We tried to understand what women organically searched online. One of the most searched things by women online is ‘Do it yourself Beauty Videos’. (more in campaign execution)

We realised we had hit upon an idea. 

We approached MLNS the NGO and found the real hero of our campaign – Reshma, a young 18 year old from Mumbai, attacked cruelly in 2014 by her brother-in-law. She agreed to be a part of this initiative. Thus was born ‘Beauty Tips by Reshma’. A beauty video log on YouTube. 3 videos on 3 different beauty tips. 

These videos worked how we intended them to. Lakhs signed the petition. Despite zero budgets, we managed to garner support from an unprecedented number of people to be able to file a petition in the Supreme Court to enforce a ban on acid sale.
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